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May 19, 2015 Menu

Come join us this week for some wonderful specials: chicken fried steak, pulled pork sandwiches, creamy pesto chicken fettuccine, barbecue stuffed shrimp po-boys, and salmon croquettes. Please remember our Cooking for Your Memorial Day Weekend!

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Tuesday, May 19

Chicken fried steak, mama’s rice, roasted garden-fresh squash, & buttermilk honey biscuits. These lovely steaks will tranquilly rest overnight in silky sheets of  buttermilk and seasonings before being fittingly fried in a special flour recipe and served with mama’s rice. Mama’s rice proudly stands as it’s own food group. Sergeant Alvin C. York subsisted on mama’s rice which he formed into patties to keep in his knapsack before he battled in France. They fueled his furious charge on the fields near Decauville when he almost single-handedly defeated an overwhelming German force. Of course, Sergeant York won the Congressional Medal of Honor well before mama was born, but it makes a good story anyway. And, mama’s rice will make you brave and strong. Indeed.

Wednesday, May 20

 Pulled pork sandwiches with jalapeño mayonnaise and apple cole slaw. Slow cooked pork, pulled to tender pieces, house made barbecue sauce, and jalapeño mayonnaise form a delicious meal that makes everything breezy and better. General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered these deliciously messy sandwiches while “officed” in a cave on Gibraltar during the last days of the north African campaign — these “sammiches” (as he affectionately called them) and piles of cigarettes helped him stomach the dank atmosphere under the rock. Of course, if he’d been from Louisiana and not Abilene, Kansas, he could’ve just had a beach-side couchon de lait.

Thursday, May 21

Creamy pesto chicken fettuccine, garnished with a roasted cherry tomato, a house salad, and garlic bread. Fresh basil, olive oil, pine nuts, and seasonings make a light pesto sauce served on fettuccine pasta with grilled chicken. Minus the chicken, this pasta helped the 442nd Infantry Regiment fight famous battles like Anzio and Monte Cassino and made them the most decorated regiment for size and length of service in American military history. Yep, it was the pesto sauce given to American troops that helped save the Italian campaign — and everybody thought it was Generals Patton and Montgomery. Who knew?

Friday, May 22 — Salmon & Shrimp Woohoo!

Salmon croquettes with an artichoke cream sauce and roasted vegetable medley of broccoli, carrots, squash, and sweet peppers. Alright, what feels better than specially made patties of pan-fried salmon? Not many folks remember when the Japanese invaded Attu Island in the Aleutian chain off Alaska. This hard fought battle, leading eventually to an American victory, finds itself overshadowed by the events at another little island battle called Guadalcanal. Believe it or don’t, B-rations made the difference for these folks as they fought and froze for a forgotten piece of land — they just wish they’d had these salmon croquettes.


Barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boy and a house salad.  Take a half-size po-boy, hollow the bread, stuff it with our own New Orleans style barbecued shrimp (prepped in loads of butter, white wine, and saucy spices), cover it with barbecue sauce, and grab the napkins. Well, General Douglas MacArthur returned with many brave soldiers and sailors to the Philippines to liberate all kinds of folks, but most don’t know there was a secret, but small reason: the general loved Manny’s Special Barbecue Shrimp served at a local Manila joint called Manuel’s Ang Palaka (Manuel’s “Big Frog”) with holes in the roof, rats in the kitchen, and rough waitresses. Yep. They called him “General Papito,” and, they let him smoke his pipe after dinner.


Dessert Offerings This Week

Lemon delight. Light, refreshing, and so delightful you’ll be singing with Ella Fitzgerald: “So please be sweet, my chickadee, and when I [eat] ya, just say to me, it’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s delectable, it’s delirious, it’s dilemma, it’s de limit, it’s deluxe, it’s de-lovely.” Too bad Cole Porter’s not around to hear people singing his song on the streets of Rayville after having this dessert.

White chocolate bread pudding with raspberries and blueberries. Orson Welles originally had Charles Foster Kane gasp, “Bread pudding” on his death bed at the end of Citizen Kane, but folks at the studio thought it was too arcane or abstruse, so he just said an unscripted, “Rosebud.” 

Carrot cake with fresh carrots and dried cranberries. Elmer Fudd with his hornéd helmet and Bugs Bunny with braided, blond locks sang about this cake on Saturday morning. That is, until Elmer “killed the wabbit.” Good thing it was just a cartoon killing and the cake was available for the actors backstage. Bugs liked his served with extra icing.

Lavender scones with either lemon curd or strawberry shortcake. Monty Python’s Blancmange invaded the planet, trying to eat all the lavender scones and turning folks into Scotsmen. Thankfully, some intrepid folks named Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Brainsample stopped the Blancmange so we could have scones and tea. Really happened. 

Chocolate chip scones. These are not the high energy, temperature tough, and “taste a little better than a boiled potato” D-rations chocolate bars of World War II. Those “chocolate” bars meant to provide a soldier 1800 calories of “sustenance” in combat situations. Our scones taste way better than a boiled potato, and they definitely do not contain 1800 calories. They will energize you for an afternoon of work, though, especially with a little chocolate sauce lovingly drizzled across the top.

Please take a moment this week to remember those veterans who served and sacrificed for our freedoms! Freedom stands not just as a right, but a responsibility.

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Famous Transcendentalist Bacon Quotes

“Life is sweetest near the bacon,” Henry David Thoreau mused as he cooked breakfast on Walden Pond.

As he wandered the woods, Thoreau thoughtfully observed, “Most men lead lives of bacon desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

 “To be bacon is to be misunderstood,” Ralph Waldo Emerson quipped as he argued with his wife Queenie over which breakfast meat was superior.