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July 6, 2015 Menu

Well, it’s time for some great food! We’ve got some fantabulous things working in the kitchen! So, here’s what’s waiting especially for you: red beans & rice, fried chicken, chicken enchiladas, beef stroganoff, salmon croquettes, and barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boys! 

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Monday, July 6

 Louisiana red beans & rice with S.H.E. bread. Here’s the Monday standard, arriving just for you. You know the old saw: “Beans, beans, the musical fruit; the more you eat, the more you toot.” These are totally magic beans. Eat them, and you’ll be magically transported to Friday. It’ll be like a delightful balloon ride (yes, we’re still on gas jokes — they work, and this menu is done by a ten year-old).

Tuesday, July 7

Fried chicken with roasted broccoli served on a creamy herbed pasta. Just off the NY 105 in Massapequa, New York near Duckpond Drive sat a old joint called Agostino’s, a place famous for southern fried chicken. Yep. Mary Marinucci made the best fried chicken on the island (some say the planet). Mary Katherine Barksdale (great-granddaugher of General William Barksdale, killed on Little Round Top at Gettysburg) married an Italian-American named Agostino, who trained at Camp Gordon outside her hometown of Augusta, Georgia as America readied for World War I. They returned to Agostino’s hometown (everyone called him “Gus”) where they opened a restaurant that made some great Italian food, but really served a mean fried chicken. Mary-K-Mari (as folks called her) taught her youngest son Billy how to fry her famous chicken. Well, believe it or don’t, he entered the service in the Navy, and he landed a cook’s job on the USS Augusta just before the U.S. entered World War II. No kidding. He was the fry cook in August of 1941 when FDR and Churchill met to hammer out the Atlantic Charter over fried chicken, poached eggs, champagne, and scotch. This is what we call fictional non-fiction. The chicken is totally non-fiction, though.

Wednesday, July 8

Chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice with black beans and cilantro garnished with fresh salsa and tortilla chips. The Spanish Main, once upon a time, supplied Spain with all kinds of wealth. Nobody knows who transported the idea of chicken enchiladas along with the gold, gems, spices, or hardwoods, but it happened. And, we have the recipe that once was lost. We rescued it on a treasure dive in the Gulf of Mexico with Gonzo, Rizzo, and Beaker, dive specialists from the Muppets.

Thursday, July 9

Beef stroganoff garnished with kale chips. What started as A Gift to Young Housewives in a recipe book from 1861 has become one of America’s great table surprises. Yes, it’s Russian. Not, it’s not communist. But, who knew the Russians of old could do beef and noodles like this? We’ve imported this speciality to Richland Parish. “Priyatnogo appetita,” which is “Bon appetit” in Russian.

Friday, July 10 — Salmon & Shrimp Rompus!

Salmon croquettes with an artichoke cream sauce and a fresh roasted vegetable medley. What more can we say about salmon croquettes? They stand as the stuff of legend, coming from the days of old. Truth is, salmon croquettes saved many a day. They have that kind of salvific power. Drop by on Friday and see. Ozzie and Harriet will be there, and she’s packing a large skillet. She is licensed to conceal carry.


Barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boy and a house salad. Prepped in gobs of butter, white wine, and saucy spices, our own New Orleans style barbecued shrimp come stuffed into po-boy bread drowned in the barbecue sauce. Grab a fork, dear friends, you can’t eat this sandwich with your fingers. Well, Colonel Harlan David Sanders wishes he’d found these before he started hocking fried chicken. These po-boys come “finger-lickin’ good.”


Dessert Offerings This Week

Chocolate angel pie with meringue crust. In the days following World War II, as the ration books gave way to recipes of luxury, an old recipe from the 1920’s resurfaced. Lots of sugar, lots of eggs, and lots of chocolate form this old-time pie reminiscent of the days of largesse. It probably won’t solve the Greek financial crisis, but it’ll make you feel like you have the power to fix fluctuating world currencies. Who knew sugar, eggs, and chocolate had that power?

Mini strawberry lemon curd tarts. Tarts. Sweet tarts. Nerds. Warheads. A tart by any other name would be, well, a sour tart. William Shakespeare knew tarts. He wrote 154 sonnets, most of them about love and tarts. Believe it or don’t, he and Christopher Marlowe had a lute band as teenagers called “Love and Tarts.” Their most famous song: “Faerie Tart.” Edmund Spenser stole their thunder naming his epic allegorical poem of Queen Elizabeth “The Faerie Queen.” Willie doesn’t care. Folk ain’t quoting “The Faerie Queen” or making movies and musicals from it.

Lavender scones with either lemon curd or strawberry shortcake. “A slip of the scone you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over, ” Ben Franklin warned his friends down the pub as they discussed the happenings at the Continental Congress.

Elephant ear cookies. Delightful swirls of pastry, cinnamon, and sugar form these lightly sweet cookies. Folks say elephants have long memories, though how anyone except Dr. Dolittle might know is a real question. You’ll remember these cookies, garonteed.

Salads Available Everyday

Chicken Salad on House Salad, $10

House Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast, $12

Pimento Cheese on House Salad, $10

Salad Sampler (Chicken Salad & Pimento Cheese), $12

Sandwiches Available Everyday

Bacon & Chicken Wrap with House Made Ranch, $10

Chicken Salad Sandwich, $10

Chipotle Bacon & Chicken Wrap with House Made Ranch, $10

Fried Green Tomato BLT, $12

Garden Fresh BLT, $10

Grilled Chicken Sandwich, $12

Grilled Pimento Cheese, $10

Grilled Pimento Cheese & Bacon, $10

Stone House Eats Bread Baked Daily

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Famous Food Quotes

“Abstain from beans,” Plutarch quietly warned his listening children as he heard his wife tooting down the hall. Of course, he wasn’t trying to fly in a magic balloon from Monday to Friday.



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