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September 21, 2015 Menu

“I hear that train a-comin’, it’s comin’ round the bend, and I ain’t seen sunshine in…I don’t know when,” sang Johnny Cash. Have we got some sunshine for you — have a gander a what’s cooking in the kitchen for you this week: fried chicken with signature potatoes, shrimp cannelloni, gumbo, and barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boys! 

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Monday, September 21

Special made Louisiana red beans & rice with hot water cornbread. Our red beans come full of flavor, cooked in our own house made smoked ham hock stock. Some Native American tribes use rattles made from gourds or turtle shells for children’s toys, but mostly they were used in ceremonies. These rattles were a symbol of music, spirituality, dance and medicine for most of these tribal folk. What makes the rattle, well, rattle? Sometimes small rocks, but most tribes, especially those in the Southwest, used beans. Yep. There you have it — beans, the rattling power behind culture.

Tuesday, September 22

Fried chicken tenders with signature potatoes, roasted seasonal vegetables, and a honey buttermilk biscuit. Lovingly bedded overnight in buttermilk and hot sauce, our chicken tenders come fabulously fried in a special flour recipe and served with our white cream gravy signature potatoes. “The sun goes down, the blues come around and the choice is black and white. Low down and lonesome and high as a kite. When you can’t win for losing, you know it’s just not right. It’s a headache tomorrow, or a heartache tonight,” sang Mickey Gilley once upon a time. Somebody stole his fried chicken, and it gave him a serious fit of the blues. Fried chicken, yes, it can cure the blues, and it won’t give you a headache or heartache, just a full tummy.

For our crispy fried chicken, why not try the fried chicken on a house salad ($12), in a bacon chicken wrap ($12), or on a sandwich ($12)!

Wednesday, September 23

Shrimp cannelloni with a fresh red sauce base and a creamy béchamel sauce covering. Look, there’s nothing better than fresh pasta, fresh ricotta, fresh spinach, and gulf shrimp lovingly prepped into this amazing dish called cannelloni. In Italian, cannelloni means “large reed.” We’ve slightly redefined it: use this cannelloni like a large reed or pole vault to get you through hump day and into Friday. You can do it, just grab the cannelloni and start vaulting your way to the weekend.

Thursday, September 24

Gumbo and rice. We make our gumbo with a dark roux, chicken, sausage, and the trinity of bell pepper, onion, and celery. Oh, Grandpa Justin would add sauterne wine, a cup or two or three, and so do we. Who knows where that word gumbo originated? Some say it’s from West African languages, either Bantu (quingombo) or Umbundu (ochinggômbo) or Tshiluba (chinggômbô), all words in those respective languages for “okra.” Others say it’s Choctaw for the ground sassafras leaves (kombo) which we call filé. Call us crazy, but those words all look pretty similar no matter the continent of origin. And, at any rate, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet — and gumbo, by any name, tastes just as good.

Friday, September 25

Barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boy and a house salad. Take a half-size po-boy, hollow the bread to make a bread cave, stuff it with our own New Orleans style barbecued shrimp (prepped in loads of butter, white wine, and saucy spices), cover it with barbecue sauce, and grab the napkins. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a shrimp blimp!” Apparently our crafty crustacean comrades built themselves a blimp for watching sporting activities. It’s powered by a bean fusion (yes, fusion) reactor, can travel just about anywhere, and broadcasts not only sports, but a variety of shows. Shrimp don’t even need TV’s to receive the signal the shrimp blimp produces because they’ve got their own built in HD antennae. Broadcasting now is Mcmillian and Wife — they have a thing for whodunnit series. Next week they’ll be watching Quincy M.E. Of course, they only have one channel, so it’s sports or serial watching of whodunnits. Who knew their ganglia nerve cells were large enough to make something like that happen? Maybe it’s a hive mind or some such crazy thing.


Dessert Offerings This Week

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing. These little gems are small versions of our larger carrot cake. You know, carrots provide great sources of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin K. Here’s your science lesson for the day: vitamin K helps with blood, bones, and vascular health. So, have a cupcake today and improve your health, thanks to carrots. Who knew? Well, Bugs Bunny did, for one.

Chocolate pie. Creamy and delicious with a flaky crust, this chocolate pie will absolutely help you handle those chocolate cravings. Someone once said, “Put ‘Eat Chocolate’ at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.” Well, chocolate can help you in time management — the one really helpful trick all those time management books mistakenly omit. Crazy. Get something done today and feel better about your work: eat chocolate pie.

Lavender scones with either lemon curd or strawberry shortcake or pumpkin peach scones. Alexander McCall Smith observed in The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, “How often have I noticed or, indeed, listened to him? We talk, but do I actually listen, or is our conversation mainly a question of my waiting for him to stop and for it to be my turn to say something? For how many of us is that what conversation means — the setting up of our lines?” Have a scone or two, drink some coffee or tea with friends, and really listen to each other. Scones could change the world.

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Famous Food Quotes

From the The Picayune’s Creole Cook Book of 1901 we read these great words: “Gumbo, of all other products of the New Orleans cuisine, represents a most distinctive type of the evolution of good cookery under the hands of the famous Creole Cuisinieres of old New Orleans.” Distinctive, evolutionary, and famous…well, that’s gumbo for you.

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