Weekly Meals

October 12, 2015

“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He had three ships and left from Spain; he sailed through sunshine, wind, and rain,” the old poem goes. Early Renaissance Spain was not known for good food, so Columbus was on a mission to find some great victuals. Have a look at what’s cooking in the kitchen for you this week: red beans and rice, fried chicken and signature potatoes, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower, creamy pesto chicken pasta, and barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boys!

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Monday, October 12 — Happy Columbus Day!

Special made Louisiana red beans & rice with hot water cornbread. Our red beans come full of flavor, cooked in our own house made smoked ham hock stock. Well, believe it or don’t, beans helped save Western civilization. Not just the chick peas that Charlemagne ordered to be cultivated in the 9th century to help restore the war-ravaged land and peoples, but the beans explorers like Columbus brought back from the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries. Beans became so popular because they proved so easily grown and stored. Yep. How do you think navy beans got their name? You’s guessed it, they were used on ships because they were great food sources that didn’t spoil. Join the great bean train of history and celebrate civilization with a bowl of our beans.

Tuesday, October 13

Fried chicken tenders with signature potatoes, okra and tomatoes, and a honey buttermilk biscuit. Lovingly bedded overnight in buttermilk and hot sauce, our chicken tenders come fabulously fried in a special flour recipe and served with our white cream gravy signature potatoes. Here’s the origins of the greasies: fried chicken first came from Scotland. No kidding. When enslaved folk from West Africa came to what would become the United States, they brought not just their music and religion, but recipes for fried chicken. And, they brought spices the Scots didn’t have (no surprise there). Well, it wasn’t long before fried chicken was a staple in the south. And, it keeps well, not quite as well as beans, but it keeps well. Of course, leave it to the Scots to fry things like sausage, ice cream, and Snicker bars — stay away from the haggis, though.

Wednesday, October 14

Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower, and creamy zucchini and spinach side. Our meatloaf is a wonderful mix of beef, bread crumbs, and chopped-to-bits veggies. Meatloaf is mom’s way of hiding things we don’t like in a ball of beef covered in a sweet and sour tomato sauce with Panola Gourmet Sauce. It’s like the ultimate gastronomical sneak attack, and mom’s a spy trying to trick us. Well, it works. I wonder if mom knows Krav Maga?

Thursday, October 15

Creamy chicken pesto sauce served on angel hair pasta.  Yes, it’s heavenly. Pesto sauce originated in the Liguria region around Genoa — basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Add some cream, which makes everything better, and some angel hair pasta. Voilá! You’ll find your way to Italy where they speak French with a southern American accent. Ah, the glocal economy!

Friday, October 16

Barbecued shrimp stuffed po-boy and a house salad. Take a half-size po-boy, hollow the bread to make a bread cave, stuff it with our own New Orleans style barbecued shrimp (prepped in loads of butter, white wine, and saucy spices), cover it with barbecue sauce, and grab the napkins. Over two thousand species of shrimp live all over the world from tiny finger-nail sized crustaceans to the big dogs of the shrimp world, the mantis shrimp (some reaching 26 inches long). And, they feed the ocean from all the different varieties of fish to the whales who use them for more than a shrimp cocktail appetizer. Join the rest of the planet by dining on some shrimp this Friday, you’ll feel part of the great web of life.


Dessert Offerings This Week

Red velvet cake. This cake lives its name — lovely, velvety, deeply red with cream cheese icing, this cake will make you feel like you’re wearing a designer dress on the red carpet. It comes without the paparazzi, thank goodness.

Lavender scones with either lemon curd or strawberry shortcake or pumpkin peach scones. “Make each moment an occasion to live deeply, happily, in peace,” the great contemplative teacher Thich Nhat Hahn suggests. Learn how to live in the moment when you’re in the moment. Scones: the secret to living deeply and contemplatively.

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Famous Food Quotes

The well-known chef James Beard once remarked, “A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.” Well, sounds like permission to eat the fried chicken and have a fried Snicker bar with a fried ice cream chaser for dessert.