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January 11, 2016 Weekly Menu

Happy New Year! We look forward to having you drop by the house this week for some great food! Don’t forget the Downton Abbey Premier Party on January 22! Have a look at what’s cooking in the kitchen for you this week: red beans and rice, pork loin with black-eyed peas and lady creams, chicken enchiladas, grilled chicken caesar salad, and pan-fried catfish with crab sauce!

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Monday, January 11, 2016

Special made Louisiana red beans & rice with house-made biscuits. Revolutionary lean diet promoter Kathy Freston remarks, “Whole foods like grains and beans release their sugar very, very slowly because of the fiber in them, and they don’t give you a sugar rush. They feed your cells as needed, and as a result, you have loads of stable energy that powers you through the day.” Right, Kathy, it’s the slowly released sugar that’s the real power in beans….

Tuesday, January 12

Specially baked pork loin, black-eyed peas with lady creams, and mixed greens. We take a pork loin, rub it with all kinds of seasoning goodness, then slow cook it in the oven. Add some black-eyed peas with lady creams and greens, and you’ve got a good old fashioned Southern start to the year. The capital city of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou, and inhabitants of the city call themselves ouagalais. We don’t about you, but any place called “Ouagadougou” and inhabited by “ougalais” has got to be cool and totally worth a visit. No, it doesn’t have a thing to do with pork.

Wednesday, January 13

Chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, charro beans, and fresh-made green and red salsa. Time for a grammar lesson in Spanish: enchilada is the past participle for enchilar which means “to add chili pepper” or “season (or decorate) with chili.” These chili pepper babies predate the Spanish language adaptations, though, and we find them part of Nahuatl culture in really old Mexico. In Nahuatl the word for enchilada is a combination of two words, “chili” and “flute.” So, yes, the Spanish brought these “chili flutes” from the New World to the Old World with some help from the Spanish Main. Well, there you have it — the whole enchilada.

Thursday, January 14 — New Offering!

Grilled chicken caesar salad. Take our grilled chicken, add some romaine lettuce tossed with our newly fashioned house-made caesar dressing and some of our own croutons, and you’ve got a new offering in our salads! Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant living in San Diego, but cooking food in Tijuana, developed the now famous dressing in the early 1920’s. A huge rush on the restaurant one July 4th depleted the kitchen cupboard, and Caesar was forced to get creative with the few elements he had on hand. Oh, by the way, Julia Child swears she had a caesar dressing when she was a “child” sometime in the late 1920’s. Wow. Sounds like a crazy food movie — only in the kitchen do such amazing things happen.

Friday, January 15

Pan-fried catfish with crab meat sauce and dirty rice, Stone House Eats style ($15). Take some great catfish fillets, season them well, and pan fry to perfection. Add a little crab meat sauce, and you’ve got a great way to head into the weekend. Dolly Parton laughingly admits, “My husband calls me ‘catfish.’ He says I’m all mouth and no brains.” Well, we like her big hair, long nails, and old country tunes. Hey, eat some of this catfish and you, too, can end up with big hair and fancy sequined duds singing old country tunes with Porter Wagner. Yep. It can totally happen.

We’ll be hosting a special Friday evening on January 22, 2016 to celebrate the premier of the final season of Downton Abbey! Get your reservation for some great food and fun at the table! Click here for more information!


Happy New Year

Dessert Offerings This Week

Lavender scones, with either lemon curd or strawberry shortcake, cranberry orange scones, cookies, and honey cake. Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa philosophically remarked, “Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” Well, desserts can take you to another world. Ours certainly will.

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We’ll be hosting a special Friday evening on January 22, 2016 to celebrate the premier of the final season of Downton Abbey! Get your reservation for some great food and fun at the table! Click here for more information!

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Famous New Year’s Quotes

“You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream,” C. S. Lewis wrote. Well, we hope he dreamed of some great food because we sure are this new year.

Image Credit: Sally Mahoney, “Happy New Year,” CreativeCommons.org.