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February 8, 2016 Weekly Menu

Data suggests that cities whose teams win the Super Bowl see a significant rise in births nine months later. We like to call it the “September Phenomenon.” They even had a “Super Bowl Baby Choir.” Whatever. Who keeps those kinds of stats and sings about it? Folks who don’t eat so well, that’s who. Well, great food is cooking just for you: Louisiana red beans and rice, chicken and sausage jambalaya, pork tenderloin and smashed potatoes, chicken carbonara, and shrimp étoufée! Hope to see you at the table! Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning Super Bowl 50!

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Monday, February 8, 2016

Special made Louisiana red beans & rice with hot water cornbread. Our red beans come fully and deeply flavored, cooked in our own house-made smoked ham hock stock. Well, our old friend, David Bowie, who’s gone now, sang a great song: “There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds. There’s a starman waiting in the sky….” Starman. Right. More like “Beanman.” How do you think he stayed so suave and thin — and married a beautiful supermodel? Like us, Bowie was a total beanhead. “This is Major Tom to ground control…though I’m past one hundred thousand miles, I’m feeling very still. And I think my spaceship knows which way to go. Tell my beans I love them very much….” Hey, come join us for some red beans, and you can float your way through the week with Ziggy Stardust and his totally cool sequined onesies.

Tuesday, February 9

Chicken and sausage jambalaya. Well, Cajun calling! What’s better than a delicious, hearty mix of chicken, sausage, rice, and tasty goodies? Another adventure of Superchicken: “Operation Jambalaya.” “Do you have the Quakefeed App?” Superchicken asked his stalwart sidekick Wonder Kid. “No, Why?” “I hear that malicious Mexican bandito Oaxaca Molé plans a dastardly deed for the finale of Super Bowl 50.” “Who?” Wonder Kid wonders. “Oaxaca Molé stands alone for underhanded underground paroxysms. He and his maleficent mole minions make massive messes that mimic earthquakes. Remember the Bayou Corne sinkhole? Yep, it was Oaxaca Molé.  Just for giggles. The earth quakes, buildings shake, and Oaxaca Molé makes messes.” “How do you know this?” Wonder Kid quizzes. “Well, I have friends in low places. Most folks north of the border just call him ‘Wacky Mole’ because his attacks make no sense. But, he’s gaining confidence and strength, and I hear he plans a surreptitious strike. What better place than quake-ridden California during the most watched television event in 2016?” “So,” Wonder Kid sees, “Wacky Mole strikes again. How do we stop him?” “I have some power-filled potion: pídàn zhádàn.” “What’s that?” Wonder Kid queries. “1,000 year old egg bombs. The moles hate the taste and smell. We’ll put them in strategic places around the stadium.” “I see,” Wonder Kid observes, “An ancient Chinese delicacy will stave off a Mexican fake earthquake to save the Super Bowl.” “Ya durn tootin’ little man,” Superchicken says before asking, “Hey, the games’s on, where’s the earthworm jambalaya — or as Oaxaca Molé would say, jambalaya de lombriz?”

Wednesday, February 10

Pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes, and savory-sweet green beans. Specially marinated pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes beaten into submission with butter and cream, and savory-sweet green beans come to the table to help you make it safely to the weekend. “When I was a kid everyone used to call me pork ‘n,” admits actor Michael Biehn. Get it? Thank goodness, he totally saved us from the terminator, and this pork will save you, too, from the rise of the machines.

Order Your Valentine’s Day Love Pasta by Today!

For $45.00, you can have a freshly made meal from our kitchen to your home. Please call us at (318) 267-4457 by Wednesday, February 10 at 6:00pm to order your meal. We’ll have everything prepped and ready for pickup with instructions on how to get the meal ready on Friday, February 12. Click here for the menu.

Thursday, February 11

Chicken carbonara. We have bow tie pasta swimming in a creamy white sauce with lots of fine friends — oven-roasted chicken breast, mushrooms, garden fresh veggies, and green onions.   “My God, he looks like he’s beating a chicken,” the great Byron Nelson ragged in a rare trash-talking golf moment. You know, you just can’t buy memories like that, but you can buy some great pasta on Thursday.

Friday, February 12

Shrimptastic Friday: Shrimp étouffée. Shrimp lovingly cooked with tomatoes and other tasty veggies in a delicious sauce served over Louisiana rice will make you boogie up and down the street. “How do you want to be remembered, Peyton?” the sportscaster asked Peyton Manning. “Well, I’d like to be remembered for being a good teammate, and I’d like to be remembered for respecting my coaches. I’d like to be remembered,” as his voice broke, “as someone who loved the game of football.” Well, Mister 200 NFL wins, this shrimp’s for you — kiss your wife, hug your kids, have some Budweiser, and say a prayer of thanks to the man upstairs. We’ll send the shrimp, it goes very well with hugs, kisses, Bud, and prayers.


Dessert Offerings This Week

Lavender scones, cookies, raspberry Charlotte, and chocolate chess pie. The noted author Bauvard suggested in Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic, “Love is the cake under the icing. The immature lick it clean and throw the rest away; adults scrape off the top and eat it dry.” Well, who knew maturity meant eating cake? Eat on, dear friends, and show everybody you know how to love.

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Famous Quotes

Anquan Boldin, one of the 13 players to make 1,ooo receptions in the NFL, won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year for 2016, and he graciously offered, “I’m beyond humbled to be selected as the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. I used to dream that I could play like Walter Payton when I was growing up, but he became even more of an inspiration to me as I learned about his legacy as a humanitarian. I commend the other 31 finalists throughout the National Football League who continue to use this platform to influence the lives of others in a positive way. May we continue to open our hearts and make an impact in our communities and throughout this world.” The Anquan Boldin Foundation (Q81) provides wonderful educational and life opportunities, including 4-year college scholarships, for underprivileged children in the United States, particularly in his home state of Florida. Anquan might not be the Super Bowl 50 Most Valuable Player like veteran player Von Miller, but he’s definitely the Most Valuable Person in the way he uses his gift to give into the life of his community. Find out more about Anquan and the award here and here and here .