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March 15, 2016 Weekly Menu

Well, we’re feeling like Barry Manilow, “I made it through the rain, I kept my world protected, I made it through the rain, and I found myself respected by the others who got rained on too….” Please keep all the folks affected by these flood waters in your thoughts and prayers, lending a helpful, loving hand as you’re able. And, to keep our energies, we’ve gotta eat, so here’s what’s cooking for you this week: chicken and sausage jambalaya, pulled pork sandwiches with apple slaw, brisket tacos with lime cilantro slaw, and blackened catfish on dirty rice.

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Tuesday, March 15

Chicken and sausage jambalaya. Well, Cajun calling! What’s better than a delicious, hearty mix of chicken, sausage, rice, and tasty goodies? “I’m sick and tired of all this presidential election blather,” complains Superchicken. “What we need is something special, something surprising, something sublime.” Wonder Kid wonders, “What do you have in mind?” “Well, we need a powerful way of refocusing people, so let’s create a campaign called ‘Bach the Vote!’ We’ll get the world’s greatest organists, connect them via the internet, and have a Bachian revolution with pipe organs recharging the pulse of the world like some heavenly sized defibrillator.” “That is totally ridiculous,” Wonder Kid says. “Yeah, maybe,” Superchicken admits, “but it’s a heckuva lot better than another Super Tuesday bit of frenzied feeding that leads us down the road to perdition.” Hey, our jambalaya can fix just about anything, even the craziness of a presidential election. You might even hear some Bach playing.

Wednesday, March 16

Pulled pork sandwiches with apple slaw. Slow cooked pork, pulled to tender pieces, house made barbecue sauce, and jalapeño mayonnaise form a porkalicious sandwich that simply makes your week better by helping you slide faster over hump day. You know, it’s reported that Kevin Bacon has a thing for pork cracklings. Yep. Are we surprised, his last name is ‘Bacon’? After having these pulled pork sandwiches, you may just want to change your name to some porcine-related word. “Hi, my name is John Crackling.”

Thursday, March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day

Brisket tacos with lime cilantro slaw, charro black beans, and fresh salsa. Our overnight brisket chopped and served on lightly fried corn tortillas will help you rethink the traditional taco. Miguel Cervantes once observed, “El hombre es la mejor salsa” (Hunger is the best sauce). Well, we’d have to agree, after all, Don Quixote is like the first major classic in Western literature. Come have some brisket tacos, Sancho and Dulcinea will be here.

Friday, March 18

Blackened catfish with a mock hollandaise crabmeat sauce, dirty rice, and house bread. Seasoned like our old friend Chef Paul Prudhomme, we blacken the catfish in a white hot cast iron skillet, serve it atop dirty rice, and put a little house bread on the side. Educator John Hope wrote one time, “We have sat on the river bank and caught catfish with pin hooks. The time has come to harpoon a whale.” Well, we don’t feel much like Ishmael, Queequeg, or Captain Ahab, but if we can’t harpoon a whale before the weekend in Bayou Lafourche, at least we can catch some blackened catfish. Yes, they do come fully cooked out of the water.


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Famous Quotes

“After all the trouble you go to, you get about as much actual ‘food’ out of eating an artichoke as you would from licking 30 or 40 postage stamps,” our philosophical pig pal Miss Piggy snarked one time. Well, we wonder if Kermit likes pork cracklings with fellow actor Kevin Bacon. Maybe that’s why he takes Miss Piggy to the beach so much. He would never introduce himself, “Hi, my name is Kermit Crackling.” Nopey.