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April 19, 2016 Weekly Menu

“There’s people out there turning chicken into gold…,” sang musician John Stewart as he marveled at the crispy golden wonders of fried chicken. Here’s what’s cooking for you this week: fried chicken with roasted vegetables and tomato pie, cheesy chicken spaghetti, pulled pork sandwiches with apple slawand blackened catfish served over dirty rice.

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Tuesday, April 19

Fried chicken with roasted vegetables and a honey-jalapeño biscuit. Chicken tenders lovingly bedded overnight in buttermilk and hot sauce come famously fried in a special flour recipe and served with a bevy of roasted fresh vegetables and fresh tomato pie. Yep. John Stewart, wowed by the golden wonder of fried chicken he’d seen while touring the south, penned a paean to the pulchritudinous poultry. He even had Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham back him in the studio. Fried chicken. Who knew the power? Come by for a piece of the power, you just might hear Stevie sultrily whispering in your ear, “There’s people out there turning chicken into gold.”

Wednesday, April 20

Cheesy chicken spaghetti. Just three words. It ain’t easy being cheesy, but this casserole with chicken, cheese, tomatoes, and spaghetti noodles will bring the pleasing, cheesing comfort of pasta to a new level in your life. It’s like a sexy, saucy, and mature mac and cheese for big people, and it has Superchicken crooning to the crowds in his local karaoke pub, “The Beard and Beak.” “Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel so uninspired. And when I knew I had to face another day, Lord, it made me feel so tired. Before the day I met you, life was so unkind, but you’re the key to my peace of mind…’Cause you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like a natural chicken…chicken!” You can just hear Wonder Kid bleating the back vocals. Come grab some of this cheesy chicken spaghetti, it just might have you singing like Aretha. By the way, Superchicken is no cannibal, his favorite version is cheesy June bug spaghetti.

Thursday, April 21

Pulled pork sandwiches served with apple slaw. Slow cooked pork, pulled to tender pieces, house made barbecue sauce, and jalapeño mayonnaise topped with our tart apple slaw form a porkalicious sandwich that simply makes your week better by helping you slide faster into the weekend. Our sarcastic and silly pal, Alfred Hitchcock, once remarked, “These are bagpipes. I understand the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthmatic pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the man-made sound never equalled the purity of the sound achieved by the pig.” What an image! Grab these porktastic sandwiches, and you might just grunt like a pig nosing through some fresh, delicious grub. We won’t tell anybody you made pig noises. Promise.

Friday, April 22

Blackened catfish with a mock hollandaise crabmeat sauce, dirty rice, and house bread, $15. Seasoned like our old friend Chef Paul Prudhomme, we blacken the catfish in a white hot cast iron skillet, serve it atop dirty rice, and put a little house bread on the side. Our good friend Henry David Thoreau observed, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Well, okay. Thanks, Thoreau, for helping us realize the emptiness of our lives. Thank goodness for blackened catfish — it can restore the meaning of life in a Monty Python-esque way. And, no, we don’t have any wafer-thin after dinner mints, but you will explode with flavorful goodness and meaning as you head into the weekend.


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Our philosopher buddy Plutarch, who wrote about all those ancient lives, humorously remarked, “It is a hard matter, my fellow citizens, to argue with the belly, since it has no ears.” Apparently, when you’re hungry, you should eat because your belly ain’t listening any other way.