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Roller Coaster of Destiny

Holy cow! Yesterday, we celebrated 1,000 followers on our blog! Thank you for dropping by the website, and thanks for coming by the house for some great food! Here’s what we’ve got cooking for you as the week races to the finish: spaghetti and house-made meatballs and shrimp with creamy or crispy grits.

What We’re Cooking for You at Week’s End

Thursday, June 16

Spaghetti with fresh marinara sauce and meatballs. Yes, it’s the old stand-by, but ours contains homemade marinara sauce and hand-patted meatballs served over piping hot pasta, and it’s just the right kind of pastalicious serving that makes life a little better as you head toward the weekend. Well, it’s mosquito season again — ugh! But, you may not know the lowly Aedes aegypti fought in the Revolutionary War. Yep. General Lord Cornwallis’ troops literally had the blood and life sucked from them as they struggled to fight the Americans in the south. Not used to the humid conditions and malaria, the English fell prey to our secret weapon: the mosquito. Hey, you can’t make this stuff up. Spaghetti, meatballs, and a victorious American army. Sounds great — except for that mosquito business.

Friday, June 17

Shrimptastic Friday: Shrimp and grits ($15). Shrimptastic Friday: Shrimp on baked garlic cheese grits (crispy or baked), $15. Shrimp lovingly cooked with chopped veggies in a delicious sauce served over baked garlic cheese grits (either crispy or baked) will make you toot your horns up and down the street. On this day way back in 1884 on a place called Konijn Eilandt (“Rabbit Island”) by the Dutch settlers, the first roller coaster in America opened. Blazing over the tracks at a blistering six miles per hour, the “switchback railway” brainchild of LaMarcus Thompson soon became a huge attraction paving the way for a major coastal tourist attraction to develop as it entered the 20th century. We know the place as Coney Island, famous for hot dogs, racetracks, beaches, and boardwalks. And, in case you’re wondering, that slow start to roller coasters now finds the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Kingda Ka in Jackson, New Jersey, flying at about 128 mph. Well, our shrimp and grits will return us to a slower, lazier day of watching the rabbits frolic in the leafy glades.


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Famous Quotes

Coach Jim Valvano reminds us of something important as we head into the Father’s Day weekend, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” Here’s to our fathers on this weekend!