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July 12, 2016 Weekly Menu

Chicago’s banging out the piano with a nice back beat and cool horns, just what we need for the summer, “Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July. Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July. People dancing, people laughing, a man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs.” Here’s what we’ve got cooking for you this week, and it just might make you want to sing in Italian: Louisiana red beans and rice, chicken pot pie, house-made hamburgers on jalapeño buns, and shrimp pasta carbonara.

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

Tuesday, July 12

Special made Louisiana red beans and rice with hot water cornbread and house salad. Our red beans come fully and deeply flavored, cooked in our own house-made smoked ham hock stock that will totally set the week in motion. It’s hard to believe the summer has blown by so quickly like a hot zephyr. Poet William Butler Yeats waxed, “Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” Well, these beans might just help you ride upon the wind, dancing with faeries on the mountain. Sounds like a great way to start the week.

Wednesday, July 13

Chicken pot pie. Made with specially cooked chicken breast meat, a host of roasted root vegetables, and a scrumptious sauce made with our very own chicken stock, Stone House Eats chicken pot pie redefines mom’s old standby meal. “That Dastard Lee Duck has waddled his swaggering self into town. He’s looking for a showdown,” Superchicken warned. “He’s a foul fowl, never bathing, always wreaking olfactory havoc.” “So, what, he stinks?” Wonder Kid wonders. “He’s a felon famous for pilfering pharmacies, and I know he’s got some nefarious plot in mind. Good thing, though, we can always smell him before he arrives…well, if the wind’s blowing in the right direction.” Our chicken pot pie will help you fight the mid-summer blues with its roasted goodness. You’ll smell it coming, too, but in a good way.

Thursday, July 14

House-made hamburgers on jalapeño buns with all the trimmings. Well, what’s better than home-made hamburgers, jalapeño buns, lots of trimmings? Nothing. Our old movie star friend Paul Newman remarked once, “I don’t like to discuss my marriage, but I will tell you something which may sound corny but which happens to be true. I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?” Good solid marriage advice. We’ve got some advice for you: try the burger at the shop this week. It might just launch you into the weekend early.

Friday, July 15

Shrimp carbonara pasta ($15.00). We have pasta swimming in a creamy white sauce with lots of fine friends — gulf-caught shrimp, mushrooms, garden fresh veggies, and green onions. Franco Nero (the bad guy from Force 10 from Navarone, among others) famously notes, “I’m crazy about westerns. I need to do a western once in a while. It’s like you know, eating bread, eating pasta, drinking wine. It’s in my blood. I need it.” There you have it — the recipe for a great summer weekend: westerns, wine, bread, and pasta.


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Famous Quotes

Chef Alice Waters captures the simple beauty of summer food: “I have a love affair with tomatoes and corn. I remember them from my childhood. I only had them in the summer. They were extraordinary.” Yep. Fresh tomatoes, sweet corn, and summer.