Weekly Meals

Fly, Shrimpy, Fly!

We’ve got some disco excitement for you with “Fly, Shrimpy, Fly!” We’ve got some great food just for you, come join us at the table, we’d love to see you! Here’s what’s cooking for you this week: chicken, shrimp, and andouille sausage jambalaya and shrimp and grits.

First Fridays Steak and Seafood Night

Hey friends, you asked for Friday nights, and we’ll start serving on the first Friday of the month with a specially prepared meal just for you. Friday, March 3, 2017, we’ll host a steak and seafood night. Choices of appetizer and choices of dessert will be available for a separate price. We’ll start seating at 5:30pm, and you may bring your own wine or beer. These nights are reservation only, so please make your reservations at (318) 267-4457 as soon as possible — we’re filling quickly!

For the menu: As our entrees, we’ll have eight ounces of filet medallions served with a balsamic reduction sauce of blue cheese and lump crab meat or red snapper with a shrimp creole sauce. We’ll have choices of creamed spinach, roasted broccoli, herbed rice, or scalloped potatoes for the sides. Our appetizers will be a cup of seafood gumbo, fried green tomatoes with remoulade sauce, crab cakes, or merlot mushrooms. For dessert we’ll offer pecan pie with bourbon vanilla ice cream or chocolate pot de creme. The entrees will come with a salad (house or wedge) and a choice of two sides. 

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

If you can’t make it for lunch, let us cook supper for you! Please give us a call at 267-4457, we’ll set aside some supper for you of our lunch special for the day, and you can pick it up at the shop after lunch service.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chicken, shrimp, and andouille sausage jambalaya. Well, Cajun calling! What’s better than a delicious, hearty mix of chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, rice, and tasty goodies? Way back in 1975 a German group called the Silver Convention debuted a stellar disco song that had only eight, count them, eight words. You may have already guessed it: “Fly, Robin, Fly.” It was the first number one hit from a German group on the Billboard charts. What’s little known, though, is that one of the two composers (Sylvester Levay and Stephan Prager) had a boyhood friend they called Shrimpy (mickrig in German). “Fly, Mickrig, Fly” as a way of poking fun, didn’t have the right ring. Good thing they had another friend nick-named Rotkehlchen (because he liked Batman). You guessed it, “Robin.” Well, “Fly, Rotkehlchen, Fly” didn’t have the right feel, so they opted for the English. Hey, dance the rest of the week away, jambalaya is on the way.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fantastic Thursday: Shrimp with creamy or fried grits ($15). Shrimp on baked garlic cheese grits (crispy or baked). Shrimp lovingly cooked with chopped veggies in a delicious sauce served over baked garlic cheese grits (either crispy or baked) will make you toot your horns up and down the street. Just one more tidbit of information about the Silver Convention. Truth is, Levay and Prager really wanted to call the song, “Run, Rabbit, Run.” Maybe they were John Updike fans, but they chose the right words (only eight), and with some string synth, a 4/4 beat, and a few horns thrown in the mix, they created a disco legend, “Fly, robin, fly! Up, up to the sky!” Come join us for some wonderful food, we’d love to see you!


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Lunch Served | 11am-2pm Tuesday — Thursday

You can find our house at 828 Julia Street in Rayville, LouisianaYou can call us at (318) 267-4457.

Thanks for letting us serve you, and may God bless you richly as you sit at the table.

Famous Quotes

Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees admits, “I never really did any disco dancing.” Well, in the words of one of his own songs, “You should be dancing…yeah!” Hit the horns, get the boogie on the floor.