Weekly Meals

April 18, 2017 Weekly Menu

We want to help you know beans, take food seriously, and not complicate things. We’ve got a great week of food cooking just for you, come join us at the table, we’d love to see you! Here’s what’s cooking for you this week: Louisiana red beans and rice, chicken pasta primavera, and shrimp étouffée.

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

If you can’t make it for lunch, let us cook supper for you! Please give us a call at 267-4457, we’ll set aside some supper for you of our lunch special for the day, and you can pick it up at the shop after lunch service.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Louisiana red beans & rice with hot water cornbread. Our red beans come fully and deeply flavored, cooked in our own house-made smoked ham hock stock that will totally set the week in motion. If you ever wondered where the phrase, “He doesn’t know beans about…” originated, some folks say it started as a old riddle in mercantile stores selling a variety of blue beans. “How many blue beans does it take to make seven white beans?” Well, the answer, for those in the know, is that the blue beans lose their blue skin in cooking and have a white flesh. If you didn’t know that simple fact, you, well, “didn’t know beans.” It’s strange where we get our idioms, isn’t it? Our beans will definitely help you “know beans” as you move further into the week.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chicken pasta primavera served on angel hair pasta. Well, take some chicken breast, add some some fresh veggies with a delicious sauce, and lightly sauté it with angel hair pasta, and voilá, you’ve got a great dish to lead you into the rest of the week in style. “Non riesco a sopportare quelli che non prendono seriamente il cibo,” quipped Oscar Wilde one time in Italian. Translated, the phrase means, “I can’t stand people that do not take food seriously.” Apparently, Mr. Wilde learned Italian and German fluently as a at young age. Well, we think you ought to take food seriously, and you ought to treat people graciously. This pasta is graciously serious — or seriously gracious. Either way, it’ll make your day.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fantastic Thursday: Shrimp étouffée with rice ($15). Shrimp lovingly cooked with the tasty trinity veggies, a light roux, and delectable Cajun spices in a delicious sauce served over Louisiana rice will make you boogie up and down the street. Intrepid adventurer and ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl once said, “Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.” We would agree, this étouffée is a simple, unadorned, delicious concoction of fresh ingredients and delightful shrimp. Whoops. We probably complicated that simplicity with too many words….

First Fridays Steak and Seafood Night, May 5

Hey friends, thanks for joining us on the first Friday of the month with a specially prepared meals just for you — we’ve had some wonderful Friday evenings serving you! Friday, May 5, 2017, we’ll host another steak and seafood night. Entrees of steak or seafood include a house or wedge salad, a choice of two sides, and house bread. Choices of appetizer and choices of dessert will be available for a separate price. We’ll start seating at 5:30pm, and you may bring your own wine or beer. These nights are reservation only, so please make your reservations at (318) 267-4457 as soon as possible.

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You can find our house at 828 Julia Street in Rayville, LouisianaYou can call us at (318) 267-4457.

Thanks for letting us serve you, and may God bless you richly as you sit at the table.

Famous Quotes

Author Sara Ban Breathnach notes, “Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.” Right on, sister.