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The Fixer

Hey friends, come join us at the table, we’ve got a great dish for you this Thursday: chicken cacciatore on angel hair pasta. Come join us at the table, we’d love to see you!

What We’re Cooking for You This Week

If you can’t make it for lunch, let us cook supper for you! Please give us a call at (318) 267-4457, we’ll set aside some supper for you of our lunch special for the day, and you can pick it up at the shop after lunch service.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chicken cacciatore on angel hair pasta with house bread and salad. Our chicken breast is pan-fried in butter with a crushed plum tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, and fresh red peppers sauce served on a bed angel hair pasta. Correcting on a typewriter wasn’t always so easy. Texas native Bette Nesmith Graham struggled to type well in her day job until one day as she was painting holiday decorations she wondered, “Why can’t I do this when I make a mistake on my typewriter?” In her kitchen in 1951 she made a water-based whiteout in her blender and dubbed it “Mistake Out.” It was a hit and her co-workers kept asking for more. She refined the mixture and began filling orders until 1956 when she was fired for making a mistake she didn’t manage to correct: she mistakenly put her own company’s name on a document. Whoops. She had the last laugh. She went full-time in making what she now called “Liquid Paper,” and she ran the business until 1979 when she sold it to Gillette for $47.5 million and royalties. Impressive. But, Liquid Paper was not her sole creation. She also “invented” Michael Nesmith, guitarist and songwriter for The Monkees, by giving birth to him. Well, there you have it.

First Fridays Steak and Seafood Night, June 2

Hey friends, thanks for joining us on the first Friday of the month with a specially prepared meals just for you — we’ve had some wonderful Friday evenings serving you! Friday, June 2, 2017, we’ll host another steak and seafood night. Entrees of steak or seafood include a house salad, sides, and house bread. Choices of appetizer and choices of dessert will be available for a separate price. We’ll start seating at 5:30pm, and you may bring your own wine or beer. These nights are reservation only, so please make your reservations at (318) 267-4457 as soon as possible. Thanks for joining us at the table!

Check out the menu here.

Stone House Eats Bread Baked Daily

Lunch Served | 11am-2pm Tuesday — Thursday

You can find our house at 828 Julia Street in Rayville, LouisianaYou can call us at (318) 267-4457.

Thanks for letting us serve you, and may God bless you richly as you sit at the table.

Famous Quotes

Our old jazz-playing gunfighter friend Clint Eastwood observes, “They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.” Makes us think of that disco hit from the 1979 sung by Amii Stewart and written by Eddie Floyd in 1967: “It’s like thunder, lightning, the way you love me is frightening…You better knock on wood…baby….” You can watch the video here. Happy Thursday!