Who We Are

Origin of the Cook

Raised on Panola Plantation in Lake Providence, Clélie comes to cooking and providing food quite naturally. The daughter of the late Harry D. and Martha Brown Wilson, she fondly remembers being at the table around great food and conversation as a kid. Whether at the house or on the road, the table provided a great place to eat and talk, loving and laughing as a family.

Her love of cooking in the kitchen comes from her mom and her grandfather, the late Justin Wilson. She denies being a chef, but she has a great feel for cooking fantastic food, well-seasoned and locally-sourced. Most folks know her grandfather from his stories and Cajun cooking, but not many know what a great cook Mrs. Martha was. She just knew how to make great food for the family table.

Justin+Wilson+cooking1Well, Clélie does, too. Good food and a loving table can make all the difference in the world. Stone House Eats wants to give you some good food. More than the food, though, we want you and your family to be together — living, laughing, and loving together. That’s the best recipe of love, and we want to help you make that happen.

She has honed her skills and recipes for her own table. Her husband Henry, son Nathan, and daughter Zoë have enjoyed the triumphs and suffered the disasters as Clélie has worked her way through to making wonderful food for the family. We all know, no matter what happens in our lives, some good, comforting food makes everything better.

Clélie has spent time working in commercial kitchens, too. She knows how to cook three meals a day, seven days a week, all year round. But, that’s not where her heart is. Most folks know cooking is hard, but good, and rewarding work, and her heart has been to provide a table filled with good food where people can gather to live, laugh, and love.

We hope to see you at the table at Stone House Eats!


How to Follow Us

You can follow us, getting your weekly lunch menus and any specials by entering your email address in the “+Follow” box seen at the bottom right of the screen or in the sidebar section on the right hand of your screen.


  1. Denise McMullen says

    Heard about your excellent food at the Century Link meeting held for Gov. John Bel Edwards on 3/8/17 and would like to come to your restaurant to eat. Thank you!!

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