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Big Love Sammich

Watch out! There’s a disco inferno funking it’s polyester way to the weekend. We’ve got just the thing to get you boogie-oogie-oogieng your platform shoes to a finish with big-haired flair. Here’s what’s cooking for you at week’s end: pulled pork sandwiches with apple slaw and blackened catfish served over dirty rice. What We’re Cooking for You at Week’s End Thursday, April 21 Pulled pork sandwiches served with apple slaw. Slow cooked pork, pulled to tender pieces, house made barbecue sauce, and jalapeño mayonnaise topped with our tart apple slaw form a porkalicious sandwich that simply makes your week better by helping you slide faster into the weekend. Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac were notorious pulled pork sandwich lovers. Check the original lyrics to “Big Love”: “Looking out for love, in the night so still. Oh I’ll build a pork sammich in that house on the hill. Looking out for love, big, big love.” Yep. You can hear the “Oohs” and “Aahs” of the chorus as you bite into these messy big love beauties we call pulled pork sandwiches. Friday, April 22 Blackened catfish with …

She Rode a Flaming Turkey

“She rode a flaming turkey, she held a shining spoon. She she came to cook some vittles for her folks in the room,” Frankie Laine wrote in some altered lyrics for “Blazing Saddles.” You, too, can come whooping and hollering into Thanksgiving Day with some great food, wielding a mighty spoon! We’d love to cook some things for your Thanksgiving table. Have a look at our starters, sides, breads, and desserts to see how we can help you have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with your family. Cooking for Your Thanksgiving Day Table Thanksgiving Day remains a very important day for us to express our gratitude for the goodness and faithfulness of God in our lives. Folks get together with families and friends, celebrating and remembering how good life truly is. Sure, most of us will probably eat too much, but let’s think just a little differently. Can we really be too full of gratitude? Let our full bellies reflect the fullness of our hearts in deep gratitude for how God has given into our lives. How to Place Your Orders Please place …

May 26, 2015 Menu

We’ve planned fantabulous specials just to make your week a little woohoo!: fried chicken, smoked turkey breast and fried green tomato po-boys, fresh marinara sauce with Italian sausage on angel hair pasta, barbecue stuffed shrimp po-boys, and salmon croquettes.